After my 4 miles last night, (they were very nice, quite slow, but late in the evening so it wasn’t too hot or the park too full of Chavs/dogs), I sat down to think about what I have coming up in the next few weeks. These are my last few weeks of maternity leave & relative “freedom” from schedules and deadlines.

Today I’m waiting for the Audiofuel Adrenaline Junkie 2 download, so I can go and run to the beat at 7pm in their challenge! Check out their Facebook wall, you’ll have to be quick, I think you have to register before 12 noon today.

I have the 5 minute sample and it was part of the play list for the 4 miles last night, it’s great, I do admit 44 minutes of it will certainly be a push for me, I’m quite happy with the Grooving 160’s, and Adrenaline Junkie 2 has bpm from 160 up to 190. So I know I’m going to come back a sweaty jibbering wreck, and I suppose that’s what you need when you’re getting ready for your 1st marathon and living in fear of taking to long!

If you haven’t already read my preaching about how brilliant Audiofuel is, then I’ll do it again, quickly. It’s great, it’s the mutts nutts. I have a couple of  the mixes, including an interval workout. They never fail to hit the spot!

After the Audiofuel running I’ve signed up with Project Jaemie and her 30 Day Shred for August. It’s following Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD. If you’ve no idea who Jillian Michaels is, I’m shocked & suggest you watch any of the American Biggest Looser series. She’s awesome.

I’ve never followed a workout DVD before, and I’m fairly certain that this one isn’t one of the ones that require amazing coordination and the ability to dance like a DIVA. I dance like a dad and have only enough coordination to get my feet to the beat with Audiofuel, if I have to keep my hands in time too, or do twisty jumpy things, I’m screwed.  Thankfully from what I’ve read about the 30 Day Shred I’m just going to be in pain and instead of also being  humiliated in my own living room.  It starts on Monday 1st August, so if you want to join in there’s still time to dash out & get the DVD, it’s also available, in sections, on iTunes, but that will end up costing much more than just getting the DVD, unless you can’t find it at less than £12. (I got it for £6 of Amazon, but it’s still in the post)

So while I’m sat here thinking of how this all makes me feel like I’m trying to be a superhero, I’m reminded of JogBlog & the competion Cathy has going on. You can win some ID bracelets, but you should go to her blog to find out all the details. Then enter her competion.

There you go that’s today;s To Do list sorted for you;

  1. Enter Audiofule’s Audio Junkie 2 comp
  2. Enter Project Jaemie’s 30 Day Shred
  3. Enter Jog Blog’s competition

RIght, I’m off for a brew & a quick lie down, it’s going to be a busy day.