I’ve been writing this post since about 8pm, and have only gotten as far as the title.

I have found a photo of a Jedi & a Stormtrooper playing Star Wars Kinect at E3
Yes that is a Jedi and Stormtrooper trying out #Kinect Star W... on Twitpic

How to make my own Moleskine type journal and that I’m 3.72 miles behind my Janathon day 9 running total.

I ran 5k today, and was about a minute quicker over 5k than I was yesterday.

Juneathon was a blessing, I nearly murdered my family, they seemed to push all the wrong buttons and drive me up the wall, from a 3 year olds wee on the kitchen floor to the husbands face wrinkling at the choice for tea to a 8 month old baby refusing to sleep. This allĀ  just topped off my day, after the Nurse at the doctors practically lectured me about my BMI, and sent me looking for ways to murder everyone on the planet but still have enough people left to temper chocolate & brew frothy coffee.

So I went out & kinda ran 1/2 a mile, sulked for a bit (a bit is a Millie unit of measurement that ranged from 0 to 1,000 – today it was about 0.75 mile) and then jogged a good 2 miles, to good music, and the went home to more chaos.

My new Juneathon 5k PB time is 44:16 – (my all time best is 37 & I was pregnant at the time!)

Juneathon Total; 14.09 miles (3:28:43)

Predicted Marathon time; 6:40:53