So this run was supposed to be 5 miles.

I found the way to get down to the local canal, and that was the plan. It went quite well,  I took a small bag  haribo to fortify me on the way.

Between miles 3 & 4 I got rained on, and passed several dog walkers hiding under the bridges, which made me think I was going to end up in the canal, as there was very little room on the path under the bridges with them there, and I thought all of them might have been mad canal murderers & just push me in.

Almost exctly at 4 miles my phone died, and I had to do the final mile without music, which was boring. And then when I came home & checked the last mile on Google maps, it was only 0.6 of a mile, proving to me I’ma wimp & I need to take a bigger bag of Haribo.

Total JUNEathon miles; 10.91 miles (2:43:25)

Predicted Marathon Time; 6:53:37 (uh oh it went UP)