I was looking forwards to today. Nothing stopping a nice peaceful long (ish) run.

My daughter in bed, the son wondering what his daddy (& pals) were shouting at on the TV (some UFC from who knows when) and no reason not to take as long as I like.

And so I set off, a bit of Grooving 160s from AudioFuel and some cross country to get me started & then who knows?! The world would be my oyster!
Once round the park & the off the path down along the river/canal/stream thingy (I didn’t do well with that part of Geography class)
And then I nearly fell over 2 kids shagging. Some teenagers pimply bottom right in front of me really put me off my stride. (and a jogger nearly tripping over you probably puts you off yours, if you’re a teenager shagging al fresco)

So I turned around and walked home. I think I need a beer or 2. Possibly a vodka too, all for The shock, obviously.