Aaargh! Have I failed already?! I did my “dressing gown dash” at around 6pm today, it was a blink & you’ll miss it affair.

(a 35second dash down the road, racing my 3 year old daughter whilst pushing my 8 month son in his pram. All because my husband was late leaving work & I wanted to go see X-men: 1st Class (awesome BTW!) So I challenged picking Lily to a race, I even tracked it on Nike+, she won. But she cheats & elbows you out the way))

But that was 6pm (ish) and now it’s after midnight when I’m only just getting to blog (I’m actually blogging in bed too. Under the covers, like a naughty kid) Does that mean I’ve failed? (notice I’m not to concerned about the pathetic 35 seconds of running saying I’ve failed, it’s the blogging I think I’ve failed on)

Right well, given that I’m going to do a long run tomorrow, I’m just going to ignore this whole sorry confusion, and carry on, 35 seconds of running is a run, no one can dispute that, and I haven’t gone to sleep yet so it’s still today, and won’t be tomorrow until I wake up, so I say I’m still officially #Juneathoning. And no one can stop me.