I ran my own 10k on Sunday, it wasn’t any quicker than last Sunday, but I did do 3 sets of sprint intervals, and the AudioFuel Grid Mix, so it was a little more interesting than the last one.  Plus the wind, wow, the wind was horrible, the loops I do around my local park weren’t quiet & gentle,  I was nearly blown over at one point, and I took shelter running up & down the tree lined straight, but thought I might get clocked on the head when I saw a branch fall off one of the trees, so I took to the safety of the local streets, and prayed that the roof tiles wouldn’t drop on my head.

As well as running I’ve been following Weight Watchers,  I weigh in on a Monday evening, last week I lost 4.5lbs, that was great, considering two weeks ago I’d put on 7.5lbs after my wedding! This week I was hoping for the same, but expecting less, I never seem to keep up weight loss like that & always stall the next week. I went thinking that I’d lose a pound, perhaps two, but prepared myself for the scales staying the same. I was shocked to see that I’d lost SIX! I felt like I was on an episode of Biggest Looser!

It’s not just a great weekly weight loss, it also means I’ve lost 10% of my body weight since starting Weight Watchers. They make a big deal about the 10%, and the associated health benefits. Things like a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes & a healthier heart, lower blood pressure & lower cholesterol.  Plus you get bling too.

From Weight Watchers

Cool Huh? it’s supposed to look like a number 10, and I think you get more things to add to it as you loose more weight.  It’s a big deal for me too, I’ve never actually stuck to Weight Watchers this long, I suppose I’ve also never had as much to loose as I do right now either. So despite the , maybe 4 times I’ve joined Weight Watchers, or the slim fast thing or tesco diets, this is the 1st time I can say I’ve stuck to it long enough to get a decent landmark weight loss. GO me!

No only have I become a Weight Watcher Ninja, I’ve also leveled up on Nike+ site. I’ve run enough miles for everything to be Green! This makes the inner D&D geek in me smile.  I feel like I’m officially getting into “Real Running” territory, I’m not going to win any speed races, but I’ll get there in the end. When you level up with D&D you get to pick new skills & stuff, so I can’t help wondering what sort of running skills you might get when you level up?

  • Running Endurance +1 (this skill allows the player to  run for 1D20 minutes longer than the standard Couch to 5k skill)
  • Hill Running (this skill allows the player to choose routes that include hills without a movement penalty)
  • Bloody Mindedness (this skill allows the player to go running even when the Met Office don’t think it’s a great idea)

Any more suggestions? Any more running D&D geeks out there?

And with JUNEATHON quickly approaching I’m all ready for the next running challenge! 30 days of running & blogging & excuses, hopefully warmer than Janathon, this year with T-Shirts (hopefully)

I also found out that you can download the Nike+ GPS app for free at the moment from iTunes, I’m Runforthequiet, get on and play some tag with me!