Right, yesterday I entered into the 2012 Great Manchester Run, I know only 3 days after the last one & I’m already paid up for the next.

It’s abit weird that they opened so early for 2012, and what’s odder is they seem to have done it quite quietly, I only know because I saw it on a flyer in the bag, as I was chucking the flyer in the recycling, I was expecting an email too. I’m wondering how many people just chucked it away in the frenzy to get to the¬† medal & the goodies in the bag.

Anyway I’m running it for the 3rd time.

I’m also a bit annoyed at my time this year, I know I could have done better, and I’m sulking about it all. I’m going to make myself¬† run 10k this weekend & do better. I’ll have to fit it around some F1 and sock knitting (almost at the 1st heel turn), but I’ll get my head down & run.

My blisters have gone down & I’ve done 2 short runs this week,and appart from feeling quite self concious in some new running pants there’s no aches & pains, the weather is quite nice, plus I won’t have to carry anything other than my iPod & water bottle, so I’m quickly running out of things to blame for my slowness (other than my giant tummy and wobbly bum)

Plus I’ve laid down the gauntlet with my (skinny & speedy) friend Parisa, I’m going to race her next year, she ran it in 54min this year, next is sub 50.

Better start the training now eh?