Yes, honestly, I will hand knit, one person, socks using some fabulous pink (& brown) yarn from my GIANT stash!

Well why not? Plus & want to take the chance to wave the fact I’m raising money for Refuge in front of lots of people’s faces & I’m not one to run in costume or daft things like that.

Enough jabbering on… SHOW ME YARN PORN!
I have to say that my photography skills aren’t doing the yarn many favours, but  it is Fabulous.
It’s a blend of 75% Superwash Merino & 25% Nylon, hand dyed by The Knitting Goddess. The colour is called Rasperry Ruffle & is actually two different balls of yarn. The main colour is the pink, mixed with darker black / brown streaks & there is also a smaller ball of accent colour in a lovely chocolate brown. This colour is no longer available, as I snapped it up from the shop a while ago & have been keeping the precious in my stash box for a good long while.

What could I make you with this yarn? 
Well there’s a good 100g of yarn, so if socks aren’t your thing then I’m certain we can come up with something you’d love. Shawls, gloves, hats, pink sheep, you name it, I’ll have a go. (although I’ll let you know if I think it’s all going to look a little wobbly & if I’ve never tried it before)

Won’t I have to wash it weirdly, handknit things are a PITA aren’t they?
Nope, the yarn is a super wash & it’s brilliant for socks, I was mine on 40 degrees in the washing machine with Ecover and all mine are fine, they may eventually not look as bright as original, as I think the colours do fade, but they don’t dissolve or need hand-washing. However hand washing would possible make them last a bit longer. (I don’t know I haven’t tried)

 What do I have to do to to get my feet into some new socks?
Leave a comment on this post with your predicted time for how fast / slow I will run this years Great Manchester Run, and wish me (& yourself) luck! 
I’d like to shamelessly remind people that I’m also trying to raise pennies for Refuge, so if you have a few odd pennies in your PayPal account I’d be most great full if you could head over to my Just Giving Page & add a few too. There’s more of the story about why I’m running for Refuge in this post

This isn’t really very running related is it?
No, but if you want I’ll send you some sweaty running socks & keep the precious myself.  

Ok, official type stuff.

  1. The competition closes at 11am (GMT+1) Sunday 15th May 2011. Posts after that don’t count.
  2. The person with the closest time to my official “chip” time wins.
  3. In the event of a tie, the earliest post wins.
  4. I will post to all Europe, and America. If you live some place else, let me know & I’ll  get back to you asap.
  5. You don’t HAVE to donate anything to Refuge, but it’d be nice if you did. (thank you)
  6. You can just have the yarn to Squish if you prefer,  I won’t be offended if you’re a better Yarn Stasher/ Knitter than me.
  7. One guess per person, play nice!

(If you’ve got any more questions please ask)