>I’ve been miserable for most of March, from sulking on Twitter, to just slumping about the house, moaning, in general. I’ve ran 5 times in the whole of March, which I’m sure you agree, is a bit pants.
The saddest thing being that if I had ran more, I’d probably been much happier, or a least not got on the nerves of those around me as much, as it’s harder to Twitter or sulk at others when you’re out the house, running by yourself.

Unfortunately I’m not 12 any more & no one is going to force me to do any exercise, or run the Great Manchester Run or the Run Liverpool Marathon for me. So I’m using the change of the months to force myself to change my head & get out more.

So that’s where Active April comes in. I loved liked completed #Janathon this year & so I’m going to make April something, not quite as hardcore, but similar for myself.

I’m not 100% certain on how I’m going to judge myself or the requirements, I think my partner would have a nervous breakdown if I told him I’m going to run every day again, but I have 2 days to work them out ( and I’m open for suggestions)

I’ve declared to my family I’m running this evening, so he won’t get lost in ASDA and arrive home late, so I should have time to work it all out.