>This was a great run. Not because I left a grumpy baby, whiney toddler & a just as grumpy dad at home, that just made the quiet a little sweeter.
No, this was a great run because of many other reasons, I’ll list them for you;

1) I ran faster for longer, I didn’t maintain the pace all the way, but it was the furthest I’ve pushed it, EVER EVER EVER!
2) I ran further than I have since May 2010!
3) I ran up a hill & didn’t slow or stop at the top!
4) I made up the route & it was the perfect length!
5) I felt great 90% of the way around!
6) I had a banana instead of Milky Way, when I got home!

Oh I could go on & on, and then on a bit more.
It was a day later than scheduled, but I’m glad I waited. I’ve been suffering from some nasty kind of cold, that’s knocked me sideways. The fact that I can’t have any drugs, because I’m breastfeeding, didn’t improve my Get Well Soon mood. So there’s been four days this week where I haven’t been able to talk, and a few more where I feel like I’ve had some small creature burrowing in through my skull.

I’m concerned that I don’t feel any kind of sore legs today, in fact I’m felling pretty damn good. (mostly owing to the fact I can put my pants on without undoing buttons, this means I need new pants & am not as fat as I was last time I wore them.) Perhaps this means I could have ran even more? Or am I just being all YEHAA! now I’m starting to feel like a real runner, not some flabby girl joggling about her neighbourhood?