>Right, I have resolved not to eat Chocolate for the whole of March, no really I wrote it in my calendar & my Weight Watchers book too, and declared it on Twitter too. It’s an official resolution.

So I wasn’t really thinking too much about it, but then the Tesco order I placed, prior to opting out of Chocolate, arrived with 6 choc puddings in it. Two of them freeze, so it’s obvious what to do with them. Four of them alas are fresh, and need to be eaten by the 16th. So the dilemma is, as they are Weight Watchers chocolate puddings, do they count? I think they should be allowed, like a when a smoker quits using nicotine patches.

Would it be cheating to eat these & still claim victory on the No Chocolate Resolution? I don’t know, I think I’m getting far too competitive and a bit like Muttley in my desire for Medals.