>I really have! It’s the Mersey Marathon, although I should stop calling it that because officially it’s the RunLiverpool Marathon. I entered this morning whist my dearly beloved was sleeping in some kind of hangover / exhaustion coma from the birthday party he went to last night. The reason I’ve entered is it’ll scare me into getting fitter & sticking to my diet. I’ve lost 13lbs since November, but keep cracking open the cake & chocolate, and trying to drink beer in between breastfeeding. That does not add up to a healthy lifestyle..
I have to run through the Mersey Tunnel! I have to run OUT the Mersey Tunnel, that’s certainly a hill! That’s most certainly a reason to get fitter & lesser podge…

That’s seriously the bit I’m worried about, not the 26 and a bit miles, not the time to completion… the hill out the Mersey tunnel. Just watch the video.

RunLiverpool Marathon Course from RunLiverpool on Vimeo.

On less of a I shit my pants note, I ran my best 5k this year (ok it’s only the 2nd one this year too) but it was 46 min 50 sec.

I’m frustrated because there’s a younger healthier & pregnant woman running better than I am. It’s me 12 months ago & I just can’t believe I’m this unhealthy. What did I do to myself?! Can all the chocolate and cake really have put me in this bad a shape?!

Right, I’m off to have a shower & think about setting some running goals / target times.