>Just checking in to let you know that Janathon didn’t kill me & I am still running around in the cold and the wet!

The final total for Janathon was 87km in running. February’s running total to date is 10km, but I’m still chugging along.
I think I might even started to enjoy running again, as truthfully, Janathon sapped a bit of the desire to run & made it more a requirement at times.

Still, I’m amazed at how much my fitness improves over those 31 days, and I’ll admit to it being the perfect start to the year. It certainly got all the standard excuses used & busted in a few weeks.

So Thank You Cathy & all the Janathon Tweeps, and everyone who dropped by over the few weeks.

An Extra ThankYou to JumboJanathon who was my 1st Sponsor! LOVE YOU even though I’ve never met you IRL!