>So at 8:30am the web page for the 2011 Great Manchester 10k opened!
and by 8:46am I had a place! Yippee!

This year I have decided to run for Refuge, the women & children’s charity against Domestic Violence.
Yes, it does deserve the capital letters, it’s a serious issue & it’s one that strikes quite close to home for me…
But 1st some facts;
· One in four women is abused during her lifetime.
· One in nine is severely physically abused each year.
· Two are killed each week
·On average, a woman is assaulted 35 times before her first call to the police. 

 I’ll give you a moment to lift your chin off the keyboard while the numbers sink in.

Refuge are committed to a world where domestic violence is not tolerated or ignored and where women and children can live in safety. Money raised and donated to Refuge goes towards many things;

  • £10 could allow a woman to buy her child essential materials for school – many women arrive at Refuge with nothing but the clothes they are wearing and do not have the means to buy the things they need.
  • £50 could fund a session of play therapy for a group of four children, helping them to overcome the trauma of witnessing or experiencing violence.
  • £72 could pay for two days of fun activities for a group of children in our refuges.
  • £75 could fund a local support group session for women who have experienced domestic violence.
  • £96 could pay for a training workshop for 5 women, helping them to enter the employment market and regain their independence.

Why Refuge?
This year (2011) I turn 30. Yikes, and it’s also 15 years since my mother was killed, by her abusive partner. Half my life has been without my Mum, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

The Great Manchester Run isn’t until May, 180 days away! I did the last one in 1hr 40min, I was pregnant, but I aim to get this one under an hour!

Wish me luck ( and Sponsor me) Cheers!