There we go. Taken from the Great Run Results site, you can head over & check up on me if you like!

I took it quite easy & must admit found it quite hard to not to jog much more than the 1st kilometre. I didn’t quite manage to get the 1 hour 26 I was aiming for, I put this down to 2 reasons;

  1. I needed a wee for the whole 1st 5k, but couldn’t see any place to do one, and I wasn’t about to wee on the road side bushes, or test the theory that Police men have to let pregnant ladies wee in their hats. Then when I did get to one, just out side Old Trafford, there were queues, so I wasted time there.
  2. I just couldn’t get my walking pace quick enough without breaking into a full on jog, which the Mid wives told me not to do. I just couldn’t seem to get to those KM markers quick enough. 

But still I was 10 min behind target, and thoroughly enjoyed ever moment of the 10k. Perhaps I was a little dissapointed that there were no jelly babbies at the Bupa Boost point around the 8.5km mark. But the cheer & the shout out I got as I crossed the finish line made up for it!

.I am proud to say that I beat both the Monkey & the Lion running near meat the start, but the Giraffe started a  little ahead of me & I just couldn’t catch him, must have been those long legs.

I don’t have any pictures yet, but as soon as I do I’ll get some copies up on the blog.

The Donations website is open another 3 months, so you still have time to head over.

Many Many thanks to the people who have already donated & pledged money. You lovely lovely people…

Kate & Nigel
Lewis Jenko
Stew B
Neil, Vanessa & Catherine @ Fast & Fresh
Daddy & Lily
Lelia, George, Michael & Helen