That’s the time that Paula Radcliffe did her 10km when 6 months pregnant in 2006!
I doubt I’ll pull a time like that out the bag, but it’s food for thought. I’m not & never have been as fit as she was & will most definitely be Jogging & walking the route next week, I think I’m going to aim for a target time of double Paula’s

so there we have it target time of

1hour & 26 mins!

To hit that I’m going to need a pace of 8:36 through out, so I think I’ll have a ferret about for the Nike+ gizmo & see if I can waddle around abit and handle the speed!

(i’ve been casually mooching about at pace of around 11+ So stand by for a swift retraction!

oh and have I mentioned that you can sponsor me?? (hint hint)