>You know I think I’ve lost my Nike+ gizmo, so the distance was worked out with Google map & the time was done via the timer on my phone. Yeah Dead accurate I know, but I’m on a tight schedule here I just need to move my bottom & get these KM done so I’ve got time to not be red faced & huffy when I get to nursery. Well, less huffy & red.

took me just over an hour to Jog / walk around the 6k, giving a pace of around 11 min. Not going to put me at the start of the pack is it?!

So it’s quite weird doing all running & stuff when you don’t quite balance the way you thin you should! and I’ll admit I’m much slower than I could go,but then if I’m out of breath then Jelly bean is out of breath & I really don’t want that to happen.

Yes it feels a bit gutting to have flogged myself & made myself do all that horrid running in the wet & cold november / december only to think I’m just going to waddle the whole way around.

Right off to get the 1st born from her day of destruction & chaos at nursery!