>Well no not really, I never was a great fan of those 2 geordies, but I couldn’t think of a cool thing to write as the title.

So with the run being in 4 weeks time the Great Run people send out emails to suggesting that now is the time to find out & test if you’re fit enough to take part…

Err probably is my reply! They suggest that if you cannot comfortably run 6k by now & feel like you could still keep going at the end then, you might not be quite fit enough to do the full 10k on the big day… sensible stuff really, no one wants lots of lazy bones filling up the street and causing further obstacles for the other runners!

well, I’m knackered after this weekend, with just me & my daughter at home yesterday & a full shift today in the new shop, so I’m going to skive till Tuesday & see what time I can waddle around in then. Honest.