Dating scan
So it’s been over a month since I’ve posted anything here…

Rest assured I haven’t given up on the whole running thing, although it’s starting to get a whole lot slower!

So in the week I was registering for the Great Manchester Run, I was also about 2 weeks into growing my 2nd baby.

So since the last post in Feb, there’s been all kinds of life changing drama, well no, but it’s a blog, drama sounds better than the reality.

I’m still doing the run, in oooh look 26 days (yikes), but the midwives & doctors said I could take it slowly, VERY slowly, and all will be fine.

I must admit that my running is more of a slow jog or fast walk, at the moment, and well, it’s only going to get slower, but hey, speed isn’t the point, it’s the gettign up off my lardy bottom & moving.

So yeah! Double Yeah! With added Yikes, for the fast arriving dates!
(16th May – Run & 24th Sept due date)