>PHEW! That was hard work, but fun.
Ok, so I didn’t run all or it. I did 4 intevals, and I walked approx 1.1K of the whole 5.
The whole distance went like this;
Ran – 1K – Felt horrible, got jumped on, twice, by an excited dog & had to run up a hill!
Walk – 300m
Ran – 700m – in hindsight probably could have pushed myself and gone a bit further, but that Dog had lapped me & was comming back for more
Walk – 400m
Ran 1.2K –  this was great,
Walk – 400m
Ran the Final Kilometer, buy kept counting down the final meters, and it started to rain pretty much as soon as this interval began…. but Lance Armstrong told me how great my workout was once I completed it! (thanks to Nike+ the last time it was back in Decemeber, when Paula Radcliffe told me my training was going well! Obviolusly this is a pre recorded thing an a feature of the Nike+ gizmo, but it still makes me smile even more when they pop up & cheer you on!)

I actually punched the air once I completed the 5K, I was well chuffed with myself.

Then I almost had to run to nursery to pick up my daughter from nursery!