>Today I ran for the first time in about 18 months. Well, 13th June 2008 to be exact. I know this because about 2 weeks before this run I bought the Nike+ gizmo to go with my iPod Nano… after this staggering run of 3.85km (32min)  it went on the shelf, and then somehow into the change jar that sits on my bookcase, and collected dust & was just generaly ignored. Untill today.

This cold & wet November lunch time I went for a run, because I couldn’t be bothered walking for 10 min to get to the gym, the one I pay £40 a month not to use.

Perhaps I was dizzy from the exhertion, or perhaps I was high on the endorphines from doing some exercise, but I have decided to take part in the BUPA Great Manchester Run on 16th May 2010. I realize that my runnging track record is not great & I may not make it through the 166 days, from now untill the race day, but I have choosen to run the event for charity.

My choice to run for charity is not as nobel as it seems, it is more to guilt myself into running, than anything else. This is not to belittle any charity or the people who work for them, it is a difficult & admirable job. And it is the prospect of failing these hardworking people that will motivate into running. Much more than my growing girth, and increasing reluctance to move from the couch.

The charity I have decided to run for is Heart Research UK. There are main 2 reasons for this…

  • “Heart disease has touched most of us in some way. It can strike anyone.  Some are born with it, others only find out when it is too late. In fact, 700 people in the UK suffer a heart attack every day – that’s one every two minutes.” (Quoted from the Heart Research UK site)
    • I work for Subway, who in mid 2009 became chain partners with Heart Research UK. I think this will give me enough opportunity to get my bosses / co-workers / regular customers to donate a few quid, and possibly badger a few (fitter) people into running with me… Plus if I tell them I’m going to do it, &  am doing for a company charity, I have less room to wiggle out of doing it. 

I run again on Tuesday, I shall attempt 3.21km, or 2 miles. If I never post again, I didn’t do it…