The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy has this to say about Run for the Quiet; is a weblog set up by the earthlet Millie Lavelle, towards the end of the earth year 2009.

Originally started to log her efforts in beginning a running habit, and used as a personal motivational tool, the weblogs contents have spilled over into other areas, including (but not limited to) product & website reviews, personal opinion and also other areas of passion for the earthlet, outside of running, such as knitting and the cosmetic products manufactured by a earth company named LUSH. (Not to be confused with the Vogon company of the same name, whose production ethics and products are very different in nature.)

Millie Lavelle describe the reason for naming her weblog as this;

“If you’re wondering what sort of person I am, and why I have a blog called Run for the Quiet. Here’s your answer, I Run for the Quiet, because otherwise my head comes up with terrible, terrible worst case scenarios. I need to go running, else I’ll possibly start blaming myself for the financial crisis, the badge cull and have some convoluted reason for why I’m the harbinger of the apocalypse, that’s probably going to happen just before something really nice you’ve planned (sorry about that BTW.)”


So yeah, that’s me.

I am also a mum, (one of each, thanks) and a wife (Star Wars Wedding, it was brilliant) and I host a weekly geeky radio show & podcast called Geek On Radio, volunteer for LadyFest Preston & ran #PrestonTableTopDay.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, get in touch, send me a tweet, leave me a Facebook message, email me at millie or send me some info in the comment form below.