Look Fit #Juneathon is coming!


Yep, #Juneathon 2014 is almost here!


I’ve just signed up & there are about 50 (ish) eager beavers ahead of me.

I think this will be the 3rd (possibly 4th) time I’ve signed up to Jog / Blog / Log for 30 days.

It’s really hard, and I’m already thinking I’ll probably fail, but I’ll just have a go and read a million blogs every evening.

For all the details about Juneathon & to see who else is silly enough to sign up head over to www.juneathon.com 

Lush Liverpool & The Sound Bath Treatment


Up until a little while ago I worked for Lush. It was great, I love Lush & working for the company was great fun, but, like Star Trek: TNG said, “All good Things…” and all that jazz.

The only reason I mention this is because I felt really weird working for Lush and then coming home & blogging about it too, I know some staff do, and that’s fine, but it was weird to me so I didn’t. But now I don’t, so I can go on & on & on & on about Lush all the time! Mwhahahaha!

Anyway, lets get to the point.

Last Friday I went down to Liverpool Lush, why did I shlep 44km, when there’s one in the town I live in? Well, because up above the Liverpool store is a Lush Spa.



When you get to Liverpool you’d never notice anything different, it’s just a really busy, big Lush store (the biggest in the world, or it was when I left the company, it could have changed by now.)  Now I’d booked my treatment over the phone earlier in the week, and bought a voucher at Preston Lush, so all I had to do was rock up at the right time and give the gent at the till the magic ticket & wait for the Lush Therapist to come say “hello” and lead you upstairs to the Spa.

Lush doesn’t do things like other companies, and the same applies to their Spas. It’s almost an Un Spa, upstairs at Liverpool (and AFAIK all the Spas) is like visiting your Great Aunts house. That eccentric aunt  who has a tonne of weird books,  furniture older than you, and also 16 types of tea for every possible mood or occasion, and would be mortified if you asked for milk in any of them, but would happily add a little gin if it was after 11am. Flying ducks on the wall, flowers in jugs, that style of thing. The 8th incarnation of The Doctor would have loved it, if he’d gotten more screen time, and Lush did product placement.



I’d booked in for a treatment called The Sound Bath.

A powerful, 60-minute meditative treatment that helps you listen deep within. Primarily focused on the head, this treatment takes you on a journey into sound – and yourself.

I’ll confess when I first  picked this, I just wanted an hour to (almost) myself and pampering without having to take any clothes off. I’m not a touchy feely kinda gal, there’s another Lush Spa treatment called The Spell that’s mostly a foot treatment, but has a great head rub in the middle, I fancied 60 minutes of that.

The Sound Bath is a little more than a head rub. It’s like a lot of Lush products, aiming to be something quite normal, but ending up almost as if it’s been designed by an Jim Henson Alien who’s only had John Crichton explain the concept to them.

The aim of The Sound Bath is to relax you to a point where your head, and all the chitter chatter in it, is just quiet, and, if you want, you can listen to the voice within. So what you get is a hot stone facial, a fabulous head rub,  mixed with Tibetan singing bowls and Ohm Tuning Forks, with a couple of Ear Candles thrown in too, and cold stone facial at the end to bring you back to the real world.

It doesn’t sound like it should work. The more I write it down the worse it seems. Did I mention that it has bird song mixed into the sound track? See, bonkers. But, like Fish Fingers & Custard, there’s some kind of mad genius at work here, and everything just works.

After the hot stone facial has gotten you really settled and you’ve started to relax, the therapist uses the tuning forks on points of your forehead, the sound literally washes through you and you’re falling deeper down the rabbit hole, by the time the therapist asks you to turn onto one side and starts the ear candle part of the treatment you’re practically on autopilot.

At the end of it all, I left feeling completely zen, but strangely also quite supercharged like “no power in the ‘verse” could stop me.”

Eventually I had to return to the real world, but on the way out I had a quick nip around the shop for some treats.


Firstly, the Inhale Exhale ballistic, this is a limited edition ballistic, and I want to go back and buy about 10!

It’s scented with two different fragrances, Inhale & Exhale, coincidentally the same two scents in the incense used to scent the room for The Sound Bath. One side fizzes quicker than the other, so when it’s popped into the bath you get wafts of one scent, to start, and then part two changes the scent, and eventually the blend together to make The Breath of God scent.

The other treat was a generous sample of Ocean Salt Face & Body Cleanser. I’ve tried Ocean Salt before, but the peeps in the Lush Labs have worked up a self preserving formula, doing away with the need to add in an artificial preservative. It smells much fruitier than the preserved version, and when I was chatting with Emma, the Liverpool Lush’s Trainee Manager, she explained one of the tweaks in the new formula is the addition of Mango Butter.

This is also a good point to mention that the Ocean Salt sample is the only part of my trip I got for free, and also that this is the only photo I’ve taken myself! Thanks to Melissa on the Lush Liverpool’s facebook for letting me use the other 3 pictures.

So anyone else tried The Sound Bath? Or any of the other treatments?

Anyone interested in hearing about the self preserving versions of some of Lush’s classic products?


Hello, I’m still here


Hiya, how you doing? Missed you. Honest.

I’ve been doing about 30 different things, and non of them are running.

There’s been a lot of eating and a fair bit of sleeping.

Seriously though, I’ve gotten involved with my local radio station (that would be Preston FM) and though the plan was never to get on the air, I’ve ended up with a show on Sunday mornings.

I host Geek on Radio (also on Twitter @GeekOnRadio) 11 – noon every Sunday! Wahoo! It seems to be taking up massive amounts of my time, mostly trying to find songs that don’t contain swears.

The scary thing is while I’ve been doing all this Liverpool Marathon has been sneaking up on me, and I’ve done no training. Well I’ve been to the gym about 3 times, I looked at a treadmill, and pushed the moveable bits on the weights machines a little. I wouldn’t say that I’ve done anything of value towards the marathon But I did check that cut off time is 7 hours. So based on both the complete & attempted marathon, I should be ok.

Especially as I did go “jogging” on Monday, and I feel like I did less running than I really do for that route, but I still got home in a shorter time than all the running apps I have say.

So I have a really vague plan to get me through the 26.2 miles at the end of May. It’s called sheer bloody mindedness. I know not very technical, and not particularly scientific, and I’m not intending to sit on my bottom for the next month.

So yes, I’m still here, still planning stupid things. How you doing?!

#SignOfLove – Sochi 2014 – #LoveAlwaysWins


This, and a post still hidden away in my drafts file, have been the hardest I’ve had to write. This one, a little like the other, has rapidly descended into a ranting, rage filled post very quickly, and while I’m not above a bit of ranting on my blog, this post quickly ends in an incoherent jumble.

I’ve thrown this together, because I’m running out of time , the #SignofLove campaign is reaching the end, and I’m just going to write the post & go back and delete some of the swears, and hope what’s left makes sense.

While I’m doing that, here’s a podcast of an interview I did Heather & Fiona from Lush Preston on the #SignofLove Campaign to get you started.




[spreaker type=standard width=100% autoplay=false episode_id=4041610]





So what’s gotten me all riled up about it? Honestly, I think the video below spells it out better than me.

(I have tried to write it. Too many swears)

Aside from the obvious statement that Putin & his “Gay Propaganda” Laws are a crock of shit. And that sport shouldn’t be used as a platform for politics, I have a few other things to add.

The Olympics shouldn’t have been held in Sochi, the IOC should have moved the Winter Games, or at least made a vitriolic condemnation of the Russian Laws.

Instead we have the Italian IOC member Mario Pescante mouthing off at America for sending openly gay athletes as the US delegates.

“It’s absurd that a country like that sends four lesbians to Russia just to demonstrate that in their country gay rights have [been established]. The games should not be an occasion and a stage to promote rights that sports support daily.”

Erm excuse me? How can these rights be supported at Sochi? When you’re not allowed to say openly you’re gay?

And Russia has used deliberately vague terms in it’s legislation, which has meant that Russians who agree with the absurd laws feel like they can take the law into their own hands, subjecting violence & crime upon LGBTQ communities.

I’m also appalled that (as far as I’ve found) there’s been no statement from any of the major Olympic Sponsors. What a pile of shite they are.

I’m going to stop ranting. Share my #SignofLove photo and ask that you do the same. Upload it with to Instagram. If you fancy, make it a #Section6Salute too, and remind the IOC their own charter should not be thrown away for money.


Section 6 of the Olympic Charter states,

Any form of discrimination with regard to a country or a person on grounds of race, religion, politics, gender or otherwise is incompatible with belonging to the Olympic Movement.”

If you want to hear my ranting reasons and rage, give me a tweet @runforthequiet, and I’ll have to tame it down to under 140 characters. (Or drop a comment below) Please note if you troll, I will slay.

If you want to know more about the #SignofLove campaign visit


I also suggest heading over to Instagram and checking out all the photos tagged #SignOfLove.

Marathon number 3, training begins.


Yada yada “the long road to 26.2” blah blah blah, I did some running.

It did take me quite a long while to complete my 1st real run of 2014, I haven’t really done anything for a while. #Janathon doesn’t count, it was mostly a effort to see how I could make something I was already doing sound like I was actually trying to get fit.

This time I am actually trying to get fit, although I’m mainly looking forwards to the large amount of delicious carbs I can eat & claim “I’ve got a long run.”

This weekends “Long Run” is just over 10km. Based on todays running effort, I expect it to take about a week to complete.

Best bit of todays 6.4km treadmill trundle? The Sudoku game on the fancy new treadmills. Although it is quite hard to pick the right box on a small grid, on a touch screen, when you’re running . It took me 13:12 min to do the Sudoku, I felt very clever.

I also wore my new trainers, and they were good, different but good.

Next run Thursday, another 6.4km. Perhaps I’ll venture outside?

So that #Janathon thing…


I tried and failed again.

I’m not bitter or upset, I’m just very aware that, if life was one of those All You Can Eat Buffets, then I’ve been greedy and piled up lots, #Janathon was just the extra bit I couldn’t quite eat.

I haven’t actually done any running this month, I’ve done quite a lot of extra walking, and the GymPact app has pretty much been what’s forced me into it. I blogged about the GymPact App back in April 2013, but the app went through a bit of a renovation at the start of January and now just calls it’s self Pact.

This has lead to some confusion, just for me, when my emails arrive, as I also order fresh coffee through a company called Pact. They post fresh ground coffee every fortnight, and compared to going to a coffee shop for good coffee, for me, it’s a bargain.

Anyway, I’ve got sidetracked, and that’s possibly the same sort of reason I failed #Janathon. I’ve been doing too many things, and a very small amount of that has actually been exercised.

For me #janathon was over days ago, congratulations to you Heros who’ve gotten this far & good luck fro the last few days! Here’s to #Juneathon!




#Janathon Day 6: Blue Monday


Today is the most depressing day of the year. It’s true, it’s been written about by a newspaper and is on the internet , and it turns out it’s Twitters fault.

According to researchers who have analysed more than 2 million tweets over the past three years, the first Monday back from work in the New Year is the day when people post the most negative tweets.

It’s also another anniversary of my mums murder, and quite frankly I’m amazed I got up and functioned like a reasonable human, so I’m counting a 9 hour day in retail, smiling and saying nice things to people, as my Janathon effort, and it was an effort.

I’m off to curl up in a dark place and practice my grumpy cat face.

Meanwhile here’s a video of my favorite bathbomb, as a reward for putting up with such a maudlin blog, and me quoting The Independent at you. Good Night.

#Janathon Day 5: now with added children


Today’s Janathon effort was a walk with my daughter, with a break in the middle to watch Frozen.

That’s Frozen the Disney movie, not the frozen Lancashire weather.

Frozen was great, and was the 2nd time we’ve seen it, so my daughter sang along to almost every song. i , of course, am to mature and cool four that sort of thing.

We did approx 40 minutes walking, with 90 min of movie in the middle. And lots of wind and rain too.

#Janathon day 4: Zombies Walk Home


So another day, another Janathon walk.

This evening I walked home after work. I ate a pretzel and listened to Zombies Run while I walked.

It’s been ages since I walked home, it’s about 2km and it used to take me about 30min, when I used to walk to work on Sunday morning before the busses ran.

I did it this evening in about 20 min, my husband was surprised to have me home so fast. Result.

I think I’m going to have to start running soon.