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#juneathon Day 2 : already ran out of clever titles.



Today’s Juneathon effort was another class. This one an hour long & with weights. I was all set to take photos of the little area you set up at the start of the class, with a step & all the stuff you add on & take off for different sections, but GymPact was being bloody stupid & I spent more time fiddling with my iPhone, and just didn’t have a chance before the class started.
It’s only the 2nd time I’ve done Body Pump, and last time I ached for 3 days afterwards.
It’s crushing. I’m certainly not going to be picking anything of the high shelves at work tomorrow. It just confirms I have no upper body strength.

I’m also 2 out of 2 for writing my food diary. I’m good at starting, but rubbish at doing it for more than a few days, but here’s to a Juneathon streak. I use My Fitness Pal, (runforthequiet if you want to find me & see all the junk I consume.)

Ok, my arms are going to drop off, so that’s enough typing, what’s shall I have for tea?

4/31 #Janathon


Did you read my blog yesterday? If not, it’s alright, today’s is mostly the same.

Again I made plans, and again I totally failed to actually get out & run. Although I did explain Janathon to another person, without sounding like a loon.

Tonight I ran up and down the stairs again. It’s exercise, honest.

This Janathon & family & job thing is a bit difficult, how’s everyone else managing?

I’m so tired…


…So I’m going to eat all the bread in the house.

I’m laying the blame for my rabid carb consumption at the feet of my SSRI. One of the side effects is insomnia, which, for someone with a love affair with her duvet, is a killer. I’m walking about looking like a extra from a 2.8 Hours Later event. (I so dearly, dearly want to go on one of these, I’m thinking possibly Birmingham with a friend who lives near there, but it may have to wait till next year.)

Give me a gold star!

Because, despite the total exhaustion and moaning about how little sleep I’ve gotten, I’m still on track with daily 30 Day Shred, and  have finally started level 3! (It’s a killer, I almost died) And I went to the Box Fit class on Monday evening, so I want a gold star for effort!

But today’s Weigh In?

A week or so ago I reset the start weight on My Fitness Pal. I feel quite good about it, I think I was getting stuck in the fact that my weight loss has been quite slow and very variable, it’s all my own cake eating fault, but it was making me feel like I’ve made no progress.

So filled with the excitement everyone has at the start of their weight loss program I’ve been really excited about stepping on the scales.

Drumm roll please… So since I reset my start weight on 10th July, I’ve lost 1.7kg! (about 3.75lbs) Oh and I’ve also gone back to measuring my weight loss in KG, it just seems easier that way.

Onwards & downwards!

So this week I’m just going to try & get to 2.5kg, and make a concerted effort to eat good carbs, not white bread toast for every meal.

Argh! Why is it taking so long?!


Weight loss is a Marathon, not a sprint!

I think I might hit the next person who says that to me, either in person or over the internet.


I know, I honestly know, that trying to change the habits of a lifetime, will take time.

I understand that I didn’t just wake up one day overweight & it’s not going to happen in reverse like that either.

I realise that I’m moaning about something & that moaning is not going to make the pounds dissapear quicker.

But I’ve been at a little of a weight loss plateau for the past few weeks & moaning just makes me feel better ok?!

Change something…

So in the spirit of the old Honda add, you can sing along if you like…

Hate something, Change Something, Make Something Better!

I’m going to give 3 gym classes ago this week.

I’ve only got certain days when I can go to the gym, and so my hands are a little tied with the classes I can pick, but instead of just going to the gym & doing the regular set of  weights & cardio machines

I’m going to go to;

Box Fit

Use fitness to find your survival instincts in this controlled & safe boxing for fitness class

Body Attack

A Cardio interval training programme that combines high intensity aerobics, strength & stabilisation exersises


Zumba combines Latin & international music with dance in an effort to make exercise fun & social. Interval training & resistance training combined to tone & sculpt your body whilst burning fat.

Wish me luck!

I’ll admit I’ve given Zumba a go before & didn’t really enjoy it, but I did pick a manic Saturday afternoon class and went with a friend (who happened to be male and have less co ordination than me) and we felt like we were just dropped into the deep end. But all these classes have a beginners intro scheduled 15 min before the start & so I hope this will help ease the confusion.

I’ll report back next Monday on how I got on.

I’m just a cliche…


I’m supposed to be on anti depressants, and I stopped taking them…

Genius, I know.Not only is that possibly the most unoriginal thing for me to have done, but it’s also the most self sabotaging thing I’ve done all year, including the regular eating of rubbish food & moaning about weight gain.

Let me clarify, I didn’t mean to stop, it was just one of those weeks where everything was a little too busy, and I never got to the Doctors appointment, and then I never got around to re booking it (because I was embarrassed about missing the 1st one) , and so one week became two, and then three and the next thing you know I’m crying at my husband for some silly pointless reason (again.)

Going to the Doctors…

It was my husband who booked me in, and the Doctors didn’t shout at me, although I was so nervous in the weighting room. The Doctor was, as you’d expect in this situation, quite understanding, but did make me a referral to the counselling service the surgery has, (although nearly 2 weeks later I have yet to hear from them. )

Mill, this is a running blog…

Has running or excersise helped me while I’ve been feeling miserably manic? Yes, parkrun has honestly been a reason to get up on a Saturday morning, not just for running 5k & beating my time from last week, but for the community there too. No one is bothered if I have or have not done whatever I’m currently stressing about, they’re just glad to see you run the course & welcome another runner to the parkrun cult.

Also I’ve been forcing myself to do Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred again. I’m 18 days into it now & it began as a reason to make sure I at least did something productive, but also become a reason that I made sure the kids  helped tidy up the chaos in the living room, and a cleaner living room always makes it seem like the world won’t end in an explosion of lego, toy cars and stuffed animals. It’s also like one of those “Don’t Break The Chain!” things, I’ve done 18 days now, I can’t give up.

Back to real life now…

Two weeks back on my SSRIs & I’m starting to feel a lot better, it apparently takes up to 6 weeks for everything to get back up to strength, so I’m not yet getting the full benefits of the drugs, but I’m starting to feel more like me than the crazy mummy.

The moral of this story…

I’m not superwoman & I can’t do everything myself & my health is one of the most important things I have. I know it sounds like the end of one of those cheesy American TV programs where someone has gone on a life changing journey & learnt many life lessons. But now I’m not being the crazy ginger my husband has told me off a little.

“How can you raise to awesome children, if you’re not being awesome too?” One of the reasons I started running was so I’m not going to be an embarrassing unhealthy mummy at the school gates, but I’m just going to have to pay just as much attention to my mental health as well as my physical.


I still haven’t ran @Prestonparkrun…

Preston Parkrun week 3-2

Photo taken by Lynn Brown

But I have volunteered!

It was a gloriously hot morning on Saturday, and I’m secretly glad I didn’t run, but I will say that arriving at the park Pavilion at about 8:30 am I was a little nervous. Having only spoken with people in email & not too sure just what I’d be doing, I was a little worried that I’d end up with a deadly serious task & fail miserably.

Preston Parkrun week 3-12

Photo taken by Lynn Brown

But after a quick chat with Michael (the gent who stepped up & organised parkRun Preston), Lynn (who took all the lovely photos on this post) & some of the other volunteers, I discovered 3 things.

1) There aren’t really any difficult jobs when volunteering for parkRun

2) You can do as much or as little as you like, so if a job sounds too much, there’s always a job to suit

3) Even if you do, some how, mess everything up, there’s always a way around it & at the end of the day, it’s just a Saturday 5k run, not LOCOG.

So armed with a high vis vest & 300 place tokens, I was the numbers lady.

My biggest worry was keeping the tokens in order & not dropping them all over the park. I have to admit it was a little exciting, especially after a swift bit of maths made us realise that the 23rd finisher today would be the 200th finisher since Preston parkRun began. After only 3 runs I think that’s an awesome start to the Preston run, and it’s only going to get bigger.

It was good fun seeing all the runners cross the finish line, and really did prove that runers come in all shapes and sizes, and also that parkRun isn’t just about sprinting around the park as fast as possible.

It was also great to see the support of all the other runners for every

Preston Parkrun week 3-96

Photo taken by Lynn Brown

one running, from the amazement & well done for the 18:26 winner, and the applause for the runner who’s gotten a PB every week but quite happily sits further down the pack. It was brilliant to see kids racing each other & young and old running together, and everyone moan about “The Hill!”

I’d also say that volunteering would be a great way to dip your toes into parkRun, especially if you’re nervous about running in front / with others (as I know some ladies are) or just nervous about turning up on a Saturday morning to a load of strangers.  It will give you some faces & names to remember next time & there’s time for a chat with the others whilst waiting for the 1st runners to come through.

But it really was a great morning & I honestly had a laugh whilst handing out place tokens to the runners, and would suggest everyone gets their name down to volunteer, especially while the weather is nice.

I’ve obviously been going on at home about how brilliant parkrun is, as now my daughter wants to come run with me. She’s only 4 and after a short run on Sunday evening, I don’t think she has the attention span to run 5k, but I think in a few months she’ll be ready for a run, and hopefully she’ll enjoy it!

If you fancy volunteering for parkrun Preston then check out the Volunteer section on the parkrun site and give them an email.

If you somehow have been living in a hole for months & don’t know what parkrun is all about, then I’m shocked, and point you to the parkrun home page!

Preston Parkrun week 3-17

Photo taken by Lynn Brown

Lastly, proof that I was there, and proof that I didn’t mess the results up HERE!

There’s also a Preston parkrun facebook group and a twitter too.

Plus if you like the amazingly gorgeous photos in today’s post then head over to the Flickr Preston parkrun pool where you’ll find lots more photos by Lynn who kindly let me add these pictures to my blog.

Awesome Stuff in a Park Near me!


I’ve been meaning to post this for days, when taking the children on an adventure to a park a little further away from home, about 20 minutes walk (not really that far but these are little legs doing the walking)

The park & playground went down a storm, there were new & more dangerous ways for my son to try & jump to his doom & new things for my daughter to climb to the top of and get stuck.

But that’s not the point  of this post, next to the playground was something I have never seen before & I was genuinely & happily surprised and amazed!

The Outdoor Gym

Honestly an outdoor gym that’s completely free! I’ve never seen anything like this before & thought it was so AWESOME that I had to take pictures whilst grinning like an idiot!

The things that were most impressive to me were the “weights machines.” They have nothing to adjust so you are bound by lifting your own weight, and they obviously take some of the load, as there’s no way I can chest press 80kg, but it was still effort.

The thing I didn’t understand was the treadmill in the park. Couldn’t they have just painted some distance markers on the paths for the same cost? Ah Well, I’m not complaining, if it gets someone running then I’m all for it.

The pull up bars have become my secret enemy, I’ve tried two more times since I found them, and failed to get to one rep… I’m not giving up though!