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Here we go. #Janathon Day 1


I went for a walk, in the rain.

It was cold, wet and miserable, but I did it. And then I came home and ate pasta. Lots of pasta. I’m going to need these carbs, especially if I’m going to do more than just casually saunter in the rain for 40 minutes.

Thus begins #Janathon 2014. I’d like to say my posts are going to get better, but I’m not hopeful.

#Janathon 2014



Aah! It’s time to put down the cake & hide the fizzy drinks, here comes #Janathon 2014, thirty one days of me (and others too) trying to pass off even the most mundane daily activity as “real exercise.”

I think this is my 4th #Janathon & I’ve only managed to complete one of them. It’s hard keeping up with work / life / blog / reading blogs and going out & doing some running.

If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, you should probably just go straight to the #Janathon website & see who’s signed up & the official rules, or alternatively search back through this blog & find last years “I’m doing #janathon!” post.



4/31 #Janathon


Did you read my blog yesterday? If not, it’s alright, today’s is mostly the same.

Again I made plans, and again I totally failed to actually get out & run. Although I did explain Janathon to another person, without sounding like a loon.

Tonight I ran up and down the stairs again. It’s exercise, honest.

This Janathon & family & job thing is a bit difficult, how’s everyone else managing?

#Janathon 2/31 – more walking


I’m really struggling with running motivation, I know it’s early days of Janathon, but I still haven’t done any running.
I did walk from the town center to home after dropping the kids off at the Childminder this morning. So that added another mile and bit to my total.

I think I’m going to attempt to get up early and run tomorrow, and that way I won’t have to run after work, and concentrate on putting kids to bed and cooking my tea!

And whilst I’m talking about food, I’m looking for some suggestions for easy (preferably vegetarian) teas, or meals for a family where meat is the “add on” I could leave off my plate.

Janathon 1/31


I think the 1st day of Janathon is more about more about motivation than actual exercise.
After the past week and a half of beer, fatty foods, afternoon naps and warm evenings sat on my backside, going out into the rain for “fun” wasn’t top of my things to do.
So I took my 2 year old so with me for moral support.

He was chuffed to be going out for a walk, in the dark, wet evening, mostly because I’d bribed him with going to Tesco & buying a toy car.

So together we walked the half mile to Tesco, and spent a good ten minutes checking all the different cars for the best one.

We choose a yellow one & then headed home.

So there we go, one mile (carrying a 2 year old & a car for about 1/3) on the 1st of Janathon.

Janathon is coming: Quick Look Fit!


Today, at some unearthly time, probably before 10am, I saw some people out running, and all my caffeine deprived brain could think of was

Fools. Don’t they know Janathon doesn’t start for another 2 days!?

Although @runbritchicrun pointed out that they could be practicing, so I took the milk and brioche home and went back to eating too much food and drinking all the coffee I could find.

If you’re not signed up to Janathon get over there and do it now!
All you have to do is some form of excerise every day and write about it on a blog, log it on the runfree website, then you get to put your feet up and read about everyone else’s efforts and cheer them on! Its just that easy!

But you’re not officially doing it if you don’t sign up on the Janathon website. So sign up. NOW.

Then you can go yo the Janathon Shop and buy yourself, or your dog, a great t-shirt!


#Janathon – 10 Days? Really? Oops.


Like most people I can be lazy, so it’s nice to have a goal or deadline or reason to work out. I feel better when I get to exercise
Viggo Mortensen


I have been doing stuff everyday, honest. But I guess it’s not Janathon¬† if you don’t “log it & blog it.”

I started my new job a week ago & starting at 5am has had me exhaused, and also going back to being the new person, not in charge of the show, has kept me away from twitter & spending hours messing about online!

I’m not sure how much actual running I’m going to get in this week, the new shoes I’ve bought for the new job have eaten my feet & chewed them to bits. I feel like the Little Mermaid, my every step is like walking on broken glass, every shoe I have seems to pinch & rub wherever they touch & all I want to do is sit with my feet up. (Wait, how is that different from how I normally feel?)

In other news, our 1st veg box arrived, and it has Chard in it. I’ve never eaten chard before & think I’m just going to make it into soup, so any suggestions for what to chuck in the pot with it is welcome!

Well done to everyone who’s managed to keep up & continue with Janathon, it’s all, metaphorically,¬† down hill from here!



>Hello? Are you still there?!


>Just checking in to let you know that Janathon didn’t kill me & I am still running around in the cold and the wet!

The final total for Janathon was 87km in running. February’s running total to date is 10km, but I’m still chugging along.
I think I might even started to enjoy running again, as truthfully, Janathon sapped a bit of the desire to run & made it more a requirement at times.

Still, I’m amazed at how much my fitness improves over those 31 days, and I’ll admit to it being the perfect start to the year. It certainly got all the standard excuses used & busted in a few weeks.

So Thank You Cathy & all the Janathon Tweeps, and everyone who dropped by over the few weeks.

An Extra ThankYou to JumboJanathon who was my 1st Sponsor! LOVE YOU even though I’ve never met you IRL!

>Sprint finish…


>Last day of Janathon & I ended with 200m as fast as I could.

I’m not designed for sprinting, it killed me, so it seems I ended as I started, a puffing panting wreck!

Just a short quick post tonight, I have 2 things to do, 1) write out wedding invites 2) check my Janathon homework! I’ll make a post Janathon blog tomorrow.

Have a good night Janathoners, see you in June?