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#Janathon 2/31 – more walking


I’m really struggling with running motivation, I know it’s early days of Janathon, but I still haven’t done any running.
I did walk from the town center to home after dropping the kids off at the Childminder this morning. So that added another mile and bit to my total.

I think I’m going to attempt to get up early and run tomorrow, and that way I won’t have to run after work, and concentrate on putting kids to bed and cooking my tea!

And whilst I’m talking about food, I’m looking for some suggestions for easy (preferably vegetarian) teas, or meals for a family where meat is the “add on” I could leave off my plate.

Janathon 1/31


I think the 1st day of Janathon is more about more about motivation than actual exercise.
After the past week and a half of beer, fatty foods, afternoon naps and warm evenings sat on my backside, going out into the rain for “fun” wasn’t top of my things to do.
So I took my 2 year old so with me for moral support.

He was chuffed to be going out for a walk, in the dark, wet evening, mostly because I’d bribed him with going to Tesco & buying a toy car.

So together we walked the half mile to Tesco, and spent a good ten minutes checking all the different cars for the best one.

We choose a yellow one & then headed home.

So there we go, one mile (carrying a 2 year old & a car for about 1/3) on the 1st of Janathon.

Janathon is coming: Quick Look Fit!


Today, at some unearthly time, probably before 10am, I saw some people out running, and all my caffeine deprived brain could think of was

Fools. Don’t they know Janathon doesn’t start for another 2 days!?

Although @runbritchicrun pointed out that they could be practicing, so I took the milk and brioche home and went back to eating too much food and drinking all the coffee I could find.

If you’re not signed up to Janathon get over there and do it now!
All you have to do is some form of excerise every day and write about it on a blog, log it on the runfree website, then you get to put your feet up and read about everyone else’s efforts and cheer them on! Its just that easy!

But you’re not officially doing it if you don’t sign up on the Janathon website. So sign up. NOW.

Then you can go yo the Janathon Shop and buy yourself, or your dog, a great t-shirt!


#Janathon Day 5 & thoughts about food


A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.
Bruce Lee

Janathon today was inspired by Knittingpenguin’s tweet at how she was only going to run a mile, because she wanted her tea.  I too didn’t want to run, so I copied her & ran a mile too. She ran it quicker than me, head over to her blog & see how much she beat me by!

My record mile was set last #Juneathon at 11:09.

It still stands, I missed it by about a minute, 12:02. I admit it, I walked up the hill over the railway bridge. I think I’ll plan a route that has no hill & then try again on another day.

I’m tired & eating rubbish, and craving junk & sweets & comfort food. As much as I don’t want to do it, I’m going to have to start either logging my food on MyFitnessPal or just in my notebook, at least for a week or 2. I’m also thinking about getting a veg box delivered each week, this *might* encourage me to eat more fruit & make some soup instead of cheese on toast!

I’m going to have to come up with some cunning ways to hide veg in food, as my husband claims that all veg is vile & he can tell if it’s in his meal, also soups / stews aren’t meals, they’re snacks.

Better get googling eh?

#Janathon Day 4


Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.
George Washington Carver

I nearly couldn’t be bothered. I nearly stayed at home and stayed warm and just counted the #PlankaDay as my Janthon effort.

But then my friend said he’d drive me to the gym and so I went.

I rowed, I ran then I cross trained.

Then I entered it all into Fitocracy & level’d up! I’m now level 13! (If you’ve no idea what I’m going on about then I posted here about it)


#Janathon Day 3 – It’s a bit windy…


Today’s Janathon effort was a race against my daughter, all 67m up the street, in 26 seconds. She’s all elbows when we race up the street, determined to win, she even screams “ready steady GO!” when she’s already started running.

I didn’t do anything more because I’m a wuss & the weather was horrible.

I still did my Plank a day though, and the leg challenge for #FitTeam12, so it hasn’t been a total write off.

Now I’m sitting down with a plate full of macaroni & cheese waiting for Biggest Looser to start!

#Janathon Day 2 & more daft Fitness challenges!


Be Miserable. Or Motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.

– Wayne Dyer


There’s a danger to Janathon that goes further than getting totally exhausted from all the running. It’s part of the double edged sword that is the fabulous Janathon community, with twitter & the blog reading.

Last night, whilst my husband and some friends were watching UFC and all were screaming at the TV like crazy children, I was clicking my way through some of the Janathon blogs. It was while reading Moving along‘s blog that the insanity struck .

So yes, I’m doing #fitteam12 as well as #plankaDay & Janathon.  I’m a fool! I must be.

Two things I learnt today.

1) if you do squats standing with your toes about 3 inches in front of a wall then you’re not going to be able to have really bad form, which is why I normally have really sore knees after doing squats.

2) It’s really easy to Plank

ANYWAY! Tonight’s run was another “Beat last year”

2011 2.98km in 30:40


2012 3.09km in 29:08

#Janathon Day 1 & #Plankaday 1


“It is easier to resist at the begining than at the end” – Leonardo da Vinci

Both done & I feel much smugger here typing up the blog than I did whilst out running / planking in the living room!

Doing the log part of Janathon last year was the most annoying part of the whole event last year, the blogging was the hardest, but looking through the settings off the RunningFree site this afternoon allowed me to see what I did last year & also how fast/slow I did it.

That’s why today’s 1st Janathon effort was a calculated 2.6km in 21:38. Last year I ran 2.57km in 26 min.

I’m quite proud that I did it 5 min faster! That’s like a 20% improvement on 2011, if I keep that up  my 10k time would be about 1hr 4 min, and I could run my next marathon in about 5 hours!

#Plankaday was horrible, I’ve never done a plank before & had to look up on youtube how to do it. I managed 34.8seconds, that was 34 seconds of PURE AGONY!

In other Millie news I’ve deactivated my Facebook account. I found it was more of a timesuck than anything & it was mostly just another way for people at work to badger me. I don’t work for Subway any more & so I’ve just decided to end it there.  Plus I’ve got so much more out of Twitter; Janathon, Juneathon, Aug30DS, Plankaday, to name just the fitness motivation.

Here’s to 2012, and to shifting the last 38lbs I want rid of!

>Sprint finish…


>Last day of Janathon & I ended with 200m as fast as I could.

I’m not designed for sprinting, it killed me, so it seems I ended as I started, a puffing panting wreck!

Just a short quick post tonight, I have 2 things to do, 1) write out wedding invites 2) check my Janathon homework! I’ll make a post Janathon blog tomorrow.

Have a good night Janathoners, see you in June?