Seriously, I’ve been really busy.

Since April, I won a competition for funding to start my own business, ran a Mega Game and managed a successful Kickstarter campaign.

It’s not really left much time for anything else. I’ve basically been stuck to a phone or my laptop since then end of April.

Today was the first time I went to the gym in about 5 weeks.

Millie in the gym

It was good, I think I spent more time adding and taking weights off bars than I actually did lifting them, and I spent a rather boring 15 min on a cross trainer, but it was good. Shockingly I haven’t forgotten how to pick up slightly heavy things and then put them back down again.

So now I’m feeling all self-righteous, I’ve planned all meals for the rest of the week, ordered a food delivery and I’m planning on going to the gym Wednesday. I’ll be ready for the 2016 by the end of August.