Yes, I probably have. I’ve been blogging for 5 years, #Jananthon is 5 years old. I’ve attempted to do every one of them. I’ve not managed to complete all of them. ( I might have to sneak through the archives and check, but I think I’ve only got all the way through one!)

I walked more today, from my home to the middle of Preston, just about 3km .Considering it’s possibly more movement than I’ve done in the past 30 days I’m adding it to the #Janathon column.

I have to say, a quiet walk this evening with just my headphones and some good music was what I needed. The Drama Llama has been out in force today and I think they come in herds.

Tomorrow I promise to actually run, put trainers on and go out around my local park, or possibly even parkrun.

#Janathon total; 5km