If you don’t know, I’m a host on Preston FM, it’s a community station in Preston & South Ribble, at the last listener survey we have about 27,000 listeners. Cool huh?

Cathy, Queen of #Janathon called me out of Facebook for not being signed up for this year, so I said I’d commit live on air & would she be free for a phone interview to tell us all about #Janathon! Cathy said yes, and here’s the 5 min interview from the show!


So what have I actually done for #Janathon, last year I walked to the shop with my son to buy a toy car. This year I reused the lame activity and went to my local supermarket for fresh veg.


If I hadn’t been drinking Berocca every day I’d possibly have died from malnutrition. No matter what I’d like to suggest, beer & cheese do not cover all the food groups, but has made up about 80% of the food I’ve consumed in the past week.

So you can imagine how dissapointed I was to see that there was actually NO FRESH veg at the store. I bought a tin of carrots and a tin of potatoes. Tomorrow, more walking, more veg.

Janathon total; 1.3km