It seems this week I have just been really lazy. So lazy I can’t even be bothered to write a whole title. Weight Watchers Week 6 – I Can’t Be Arsed. (That was too exhausting, I need a nap & a bit of cake to get my energy back.)

But in all honesty, that fancy new book I was covering in stickers last week, I’ve basically ignored it all week. Yeah, where did all the enthusiasm go? If you find it can you send it back to me, or even just a little bit?

But there is some good news, I did actually manage to loose some weight this week. Again, I’ve not the foggiest, I’ve eaten like a kid, and there certainly wouldn’t have been gold star stickers for leaving the kids tea alone. Here’s the downside, I’ll now spend a good few days beating myself up about how I could have done better, and playing the “what if” game. Which is just plain daft, but I can’t really stop myself doing it, and I pretty much guarantee I’ll keep myself awake at least one night next week plotting how I should have done better this week, and what I should have done in each hour of the day.

What I should be doing is thinking how good I’ve done, that even though I’ve basically failed to follow Weight Watchers (again) I’ve somehow managed to loose some weight. That’s a good thing. Not something I should keep myself awake at night with.

Ah well, I’ve told you about it now, so instead I can keep myself away worrying if I’ve over shared instead.

Weight loss so far is 2.3% and that’s good.