Weight Watchers 12 Week Journal

I lost weight! Hurrah for me!

At the end of last week I bought a 12 week journal from my Weight Watchers class. (I had to stay to the class, I’d not lost weight, thems the rules according to @WillRun4cake!)

So this week I wrote down EVERYTHING I ate in the Weight Watchers Journal.

It’s a diary for your food, and has places to put your measurements, plan your weekly meals, and what  exercise you’re going to do each week, all times 12, so this book should last me right up to Xmas Eve (yeah, I’m freaking out about that too.)

So this week I’ve carted the book around with me everywhere, and wrote everything in it, and because I’m a dork, I’ve also awarded myself stickers when I’ve made great choices, and then also made up tenuous reasons for having one when I’ve not made such great choices!


I also used up some Moo credits and made myself some stickers for the end of each week. I have mentioned I love the “Gold Star Effect” right, so what’s better than lots of stickers with stars on? IMG_4753.JPGWhen the total weight loss so far is added up, I’m only a little bit down from where I started, but I am feeling a little more motivated. (ALL THE STICKERS!) Onwards to week 6!