I’ve returned to Weight Watchers.

I’m feeling very conflicted about it. Not conflicted that making an effort to be healthier, or that I’m actually paying attention to what I’m putting into my gob again.

More mixed feelings because of my past experiences with Weight Watchers. I’ve done this multiple times, and most often I’ve left after the leader of the class does one of two things;

1) leaves. And some weird stranger comes takes over the meeting and I really struggle to get motivated, or trust them.

2) becomes so sales pushy, that I start resenting that I pay for the class and the raffle, and then Weight Watchers brand products that I just don’t want to go. I felt like I should just arrive and hand over my wallet, and credit card PIN.


The meeting has 3 or 4 women who just whine that a) they can’t have mash potato with half a stick of butter & a block of cheese in, &/or a block of cheese, and b) absolutely just can’t possibly have any time to move a little more, not even when the leader makes standard suggestions like “get off the bus a stop early, park at the far end of the car park, and always take the stairs instead of the escalators & lifts.”

That’s a lot of moaning, why am I paying to do this?

Because there’s something about committing to standing on a scale and showing someone your weight. There’s also what I’ve come to call “the Gold Star” effect. There’s clearly still a school child inside me, I just love the possibility of getting some sort of gold star or pat on the  back, and the opposite side of that, getting a frown and a “oh dear” mortifies me.

I’ve decided that I’m going to follow Will Run For Cakes‘ lead

Ans if I get a gold star for loosing weight, I don’t have to stay and do the “detention” hopefully that will at least stop me getting depressed and jaded with the class.

Any other suggestions to make my next attempt at Weight Watchers less traumatic?