So apparently September is “Better Breakfast Month” & “Self Improvement Month” and my husband has challenged me to “Septemberathon” or something like that.

One thing at a time

So “Better Breakfast Month” and “Self Improvement Month”? Well these are the things I end up finding out about when I guest host a afternoon chat show on my community radio station. I’ve opted to actually have breakfast, and that’s a self improvement, isn’t it? Instead of just COFFEE!

I’ve taken a risky path with this, the only breakfast I’ve ever regularly eaten has been Greek Yogurt & chopped fruit. “Why is that risky, Millie?” I hear you ask, well dairy tends to make me fart. (Glamorous confessions here on RFTQ!) Well, I’m pleased to say that, 3 days into this I seem to be ok, and I have been eating 2 servings of fruit in the morning.

Blood Orange Tea & a LadyFest CupI’m also making an attempt to drink more water, but I’m really rubbish at drinking cold water, so when I went to Liverpool at the weekend I visited Leaf Teashop & bought a tea pot & some luverly tea. So far I’ve been drinking about 3 pots of tea in the evening. It’s not a giant pot, but the Blood Orange Tea is very yummy (and caffeine free) and it’s a start.

“Septemberathon or something”

This is an invention of my husband. He’s challenged me to run the equivalent of 1km a day for the month. It’s the 3rd, I’ve not ran, so I’m 3km in the red. I might end up running 30km on the last day of the month.

I don’t know why, I just can’t make myself move. Can’t I just stay in bed all day? At least I don’t have to blog about it too.