You may have heard / seen the Pact App. You commit to doing healthy things, and you are rewarded, they literally give you money, how do they get the money to give to you? Well it’s taken from the people who don’t meet their commitments.¬† I’ve blogged about it before.

So, I’ve had various Pacts on the go since the start of the year, and I had stashed about $35 USD, so I decided it was time to cash it out & spend it…

What did I buy?

Campaign Coins! Yes, I bought money with the money I got from pact. FREE MONEY!

They’re an Australian company who make coins to use as part of RPGs! I’ve actually been longing to get some of these for ages, but could never really justify getting them, they’re not really needed Role Playing Games are all in the head after all, but now I’ve gotten them I love them!

I bought the Coin Collectors Pack, with 32 coins (8 coins from 4 different metals) I think my favorite ones are the Gold coins, they have a very Dwarven feel & I’m a sucker for a good Dwarven tale. The “50” coin has a couple of tankards on it, I that makes it a “beer token.” My iPhone pictures don’t do justice to how detailed they are. They also have a satisfying clink and decent weight when you have a few in the hand. It’s 90% certain I’m going to get more, possibly some of the Trade Bars.

Silver coins would also go well with the WFRP setting we play, as the “10” has a comet / meteor that features a lot of the imagery & myths of the setting. I’m not certain what I’m going to do with these coins. I’m possibly just going to covet them, and say “my pressioussses” quite a bit.

The guys who make these coins currently have a Kickstarter project on the go with FATE, it’s not a system I’ve ever played, but the coins look pretty cool, plus I think they reached funded status¬† us in the first few days of the campaign!

Any RPG players out there with ideas for some adventure hooks? Or novel ways I can use these into a campaign?