So here’s today’s lame #Juneathon effort.

I did actual shopping in a supermarket, instead of shopping on line. And I took the kids.

This basically equates to doing a half marathon around the shop as I have to chase my son as he makes a
Mad dash for the toy aisle at every opportunity.

I’d also like to add, that I don’t drive. So schlepping a week of shopping on the bus along with 2 kids, even with the help of my husband, is an activity all by itself. I think it would make a great addition to the Commonwealth Games.

So it’s the little things that count, allegedly, and I’ve set myself a simple goal of being more active than the day before.

I’m going to track it with my Fuel Band, and go back to being obsessed by it, like I was 18 months ago.

What’s the score so far?

Sunday 1st June – 1998
Monday 2nd June – 2102 (+104)