I tried and failed again.

I’m not bitter or upset, I’m just very aware that, if life was one of those All You Can Eat Buffets, then I’ve been greedy and piled up lots, #Janathon was just the extra bit I couldn’t quite eat.

I haven’t actually done any running this month, I’ve done quite a lot of extra walking, and the GymPact app has pretty much been what’s forced me into it. I blogged about the GymPact¬†App back in April 2013, but the app went through a bit of a renovation at the start of January and now just calls it’s self Pact.

This has lead to some confusion, just for me, when my emails arrive, as I also order fresh coffee through a company called Pact. They post fresh ground coffee every fortnight, and compared to going to a coffee shop for good coffee, for me, it’s a bargain.

Anyway, I’ve got sidetracked, and that’s possibly the same sort of reason I failed #Janathon. I’ve been doing too many things, and a very small amount of that has actually been exercised.

For me #janathon was over days ago, congratulations to you Heros who’ve gotten this far & good luck fro the last few days! Here’s to #Juneathon!