Dear #NaBloPoMo,

I’m just going to have to call this quits. I’ve taken 48 hours off to think about us & there’s just no future in this for us both.

I admit, I was excited & having fun at the start, the prompts where fun & the challenge was quite easy & I knew I would just be able to sail through the posts. We could do it on the bus, on my lunch break, while tea was cooking, or just on the sofa before bed. But, and isn’t there always one of them in these type of things?

But, you’re just not the sort of thing I see myself doing. I have the feeling you’re a little frivolous and daft, well, that’s what Twitter is for. I’ve read ahead, I the prompts aren’t for me, so this is goodbye. I hope you found entertainment in me posting this as a letter.

I think from Monday I’ll be back to normal broadcasting.