Wednesday , November 13, 2013 Are you a morning person or a night owl?

I think it safe to say I’m a night owl, I do prefer to stay up late, but I think it’s mostly because I get left alone and can do stuff.

However, I have 2 kids. Children are not night owls, children are crazy creatures with an uncanny awareness of your need to sleep in, and will get up far to early. They will also be tired and exhausted and very grumpy all day, but refuse to let themselves have a nap, and gods help you if you try to sleep.

Have you ever tried to nap with a toddler in the room? It’s stressful, and you sometimes wake up with them prying your eyes open to show you the cat sandwich they just made.

I’m not, in any shape or form a morning person. I could go to bed early, and would still not be springing out of bed. All morning exist for is the consumption of coffee. Large and frequent amounts of coffee. And if this doesn’t happen, I’ll cut you.
I wish I could be a morning person. You think after so many years getting up at 5am to bake bread, I’d be able to do them better, but to be honest, I was always on auto pilot until about 11am, I didn’t actually have to interact with people before then, and I could start up the coffee machine in my sleep. I am always amazed that people get up early and do things like wash dishes, make lunch, excersise. I have a strict code of get up, shout & hurry the kids through dressing/eating breakfast/brushing teeth and then GO!GO!GO! The quicker we get ready the longer I can stay in bed.

And that’s where I’m off too right now! See you in the (late) morning.