So I feel like I should make a #Govember post.
I have been making an effort to go more, I haven’t managed to go running yet, but I have done 4 workouts, 2 at home and 2 classes at the gym.

On Friday night I went to Body Combat. It’s one of the Les Mills classes. I found this one a bit weird. It’s based around boxing & martial arts moves, and it’s the only one that doesn’t have a “technique” class in my area. Both Body Combat & Body Pump have a one class a week with a mini 15 minute class before where the instructor shows you the basic sort of moves and how not to do stuff, so that you don’t hurt someone or yourself. But there are none in Preston for that, so I hung out at the back and flapped about more than normal.

It was alright, I defiantly felt like I’d done an hour of excersise.

So I’ve being “going more”, next step it to pay attention to my diet a little more. Go go gadget nutrition!