So it’s the weekend, and that means NO PROMPTS!

What entertaining waffle can I come up with to keep you entertained for mere moments?
I’ve no idea, today has been draining. I was supposed to go and work today, meet 100s of people and show them ALL the beautiful things, all the Christmas things, but unfortunately a child was poorly, And instead I stayed at home, and did the same 4 jigsaws 19 million times, whilst answering questions about everything from why is Chewbacca hairy, and what happens if you only eat treats. (He just is, and you get fat, if you want to know)

If there was ever a day I would quite fancy a nice quiet run, it was today. But I instead I ate too many chips & a pie (I’m 92% Northern, if you’ve seen / taken the Facebook quiz) and now I’m watching terrible movies on TV.

So I hoped you loved that sneak peek into my Saturday. I’m going to carry on with the TV, but possibly think up a few slightly more interesting things to blog on the weekends.