Mostly do all the blogging things indoors, because it’s wet & cold here in Lancashire.

Yesterday I had my second session with Lewis from Impact Training, and it was great. I have less DOMS that last week, it’s easier to lift my brew & my food diary wasn’t the embarrassing shame I though it would be.  I have homework this time too. (Drink water, actually do some exercise and have another go at a meal diary.)

I actually bought a bottle of water today, I drank some of it, but I forgot to bring it home with me & I left it in the brew area at work. I have planned a trip to the gym Sunday night, so possibly come Monday I’ll be ready for another try at a more planned food diary.

I was reading blogs on the bus, because I spend a surprising amount of time on the bus, and Helsiboo‘s blog ( got me a little interested in #NaBloPoMo. Because we all know I’m a sucker for a monthly challenge theme thing right?

NaBloPoMo_November_blogroll_largeBasically, I’m going to blog everyday for November, like #Jan / #Juneathon, but with less physical effort. The people at NaBloPoMo have prompts to get you going.

Friday, November 1, 2013 If you found one million dollars in the morning and had to spend it by nightfall, what would you do with the money?

What would I do besides the regular pay off credit card, buy house & pay for it to be made zombie proofed (because we all know zombie proof = self sufficient / off grid & I’d love a house like that!)?

I’d like to say lots of really philanthropic things, or possibly really deep & meaning full things, but I must have played to many board games or RPGs as I’m wondering about the rules of spending this money, more than what I’d actually spend it on.

For instance, if I only have till night fall to spend it will it be taken away from any people I spend it with? What about the stuff I buy with it? Will that be returned in the morning too? What happens to the money at the end of the day?

Then I’m thinking that I’ll just make an experience out of it all, go to the local swimming baths & put 100 bath bombs in it, just for the giggles. Take all the kids in my daughters school to the Science Museum in Manchester, and pay for the all Science Grrls to come talk to everyone there.

But again, I start feeling guilty, if this money vanishes in the morning, does that mean it’s also going to vanish from the accounts of anyone I spend it with? How mean would that be to the venues, retailers & workers that I’ve just ripped off with this “fairy gold.” That rules out philanthropy and donating massive amounts of it to local charities too. How horrible would that make me? I can just read the news articles now:

“Woman donates Monopoly money to local charities.

“What kind of cruel hearted ginger would do that?” ask local kids charity founder after the huge donation turned out to be worthless. The charity workers had been delighted with the donation, made at 3pm on Friday afternoon, and promised the orphans a really amazing weekend party to celebrate, but when it came to pay for the party food and cakes their bank declined funds. The children are still crying. “

Clearly I have issues. I can’t even have imaginary fun with imaginary money without worrying on the consequences.

So if you’ve found my blog through NaBloPoMo and you’re wondering what sort of person I am, and why I have a blog called Run for the Quiet. That’s your answer, I Run for the Quiet, because otherwise my head comes up with terrible, terrible worst case scenarios. I need to go running, else I’ll possibly start blaming myself for the financial crisis, the badge cull and have some convoluted reason for why I’m the harbinger of the apocalypse, that’s probably going to happen just before  something really nice you’ve planned (sorry about that BTW)

The fact that I haven’t actually been running since July could explain the tone of this post nicely.

See you tomorrow!