#Govember was dreamed up last week, while I was lamenting that I had done nothing, not one jog or blog, since the end of #Juneathon.

Since then I’ve actually done some exercise, but I really like the idea of #Govember, so I’m going to give it ago, and you’re welcome to join me.

What is #Govember?

Well, just something to motivate you & and get you going through out November. (Did you see what I did there? Going > #Govember eh?)

So I’m going to use #Govember to get me going for more running & I’m also going to blog more.

Other suggestions include harassing Michael Gove on twitter, giving Veganism a go (November is Vegan Month after all).

If you do fancy joining me in #Govember, then let me know, it might inspire me to create a better logo for it. (November is grey, that’s about all the inspiration I had)

And if you tweet, blog or record your efforts in any way, then I’ll make sure I check out how you’re going too.

So who’s going to join in #Govember?