If  you follow me on Twitter, you’ll most likely know the answer to that question.

I’ve been making LadyFest Preston. I’ve had a lot of help, but basically since it’s inception in May, it’s pretty much taken over my life.

The last time I had done any real activity was at the end of Juneathon, and that’s rubbish! I’ve become soft, and lazy and stuck in a rut of “tomorrow, I’ll run tomorrow.” I knew in my heart that I just needed to do the first step, but there was always something more to do, like eat another pizza, or watch another episode of Stargate, even though I’ve seen them ALL.

I’ve been Umhing & Ahhing about giving up my gym membership, but I know that after a few weeks, especially in the fast approaching winter, I will give up on the whole “Yipee lets go running in the rain!” kick, and revert back to the “ooh pizza on offer” mind set. So I’ve booked a personal trainer instead.

Impact Training

Lewis from Impact Training come to my house & (nicely) shouted at me and encouraged me to do an hour of exercise, and it took 3 days for the DOMS to subside.  It was really good, but for all of the next day I found it near impossible to lift my cup of coffee.

I’ve been given homework too. I need to record 3 days of food, and actually start drinking water. The food journal I’ve been doing alright. Water, well, I had a cup of tea, that counts right?

While waiting for Lewis to arrive I was tweeting about needing another #Janathon / #Juneathon type event to keep me moving & motivated, and with @runbritchick & @Jogblog (that’s Claire & Cathy if you’re not into Twitter) we come up with #Govember & #Decathon.

Now #Decathon sounds like I’d have to start doing other things, like riding a bike & swimming and  8 other events, so I’m going to give that a miss (this year at least) and give #Govember a try.

I think I’ll have a go at writing a few short guidelines for #Govember & post about it tomorrow. (Which is also code for, “I need to get off the internet & feed my kids and do some laundry”) I might even make a logo.