Today’s Juneathon effort was another class. This one an hour long & with weights. I was all set to take photos of the little area you set up at the start of the class, with a step & all the stuff you add on & take off for different sections, but GymPact was being bloody stupid & I spent more time fiddling with my iPhone, and just didn’t have a chance before the class started.
It’s only the 2nd time I’ve done Body Pump, and last time I ached for 3 days afterwards.
It’s crushing. I’m certainly not going to be picking anything of the high shelves at work tomorrow. It just confirms I have no upper body strength.

I’m also 2 out of 2 for writing my food diary. I’m good at starting, but rubbish at doing it for more than a few days, but here’s to a Juneathon streak. I use My Fitness Pal, (runforthequiet if you want to find me & see all the junk I consume.)

Ok, my arms are going to drop off, so that’s enough typing, what’s shall I have for tea?