Oh shit oh shit oh shit.
My race number is here! That’s it, no more hiding I’m actually going to do a marathon. I’m realising I’m fucking mental. 26.2 miles. Who runs that far? Mental people that’s who. I’m one of them mental people. Shit.

Anyway I’ll be runner 1936 & the only time you won’t hear me berating myself is when I’m running through the Mersey tunnel.

So I’ve lost weight this week too, I’ve had a whole bunch of late night shifts, and a dose of the flu. So, while I’ve been tracking the calories it hasn’t looked pretty.
When I’m too tired I just eat rubbish, and I tried to swap rubbish food for things like nuts and dried fruit, but I caved in after day 2 and bought some Gü brownies & some rocky roads. They lasted about 13 minutes. Still night shifts are hard work, and I lost weight at the end of it, so why grumble?

Excersise has been near non existent, again, this week. I’m another one if these gingers with asthma, and I’ve been doubled up on the prevented & reliever this week, I don’t think it’s a good idea to try to hard when it’s this hard to breath. So about 2 miles ran and one 30 day shred completed. See above for swearing about the impending doom of the marathon.

I’m off for a bath. Here’s too another good week and more running.