So I’m overweight & I’m doing my best not to be, but on Monday I nearly had a breakdown.

I’ve been following Weight Watchers, and the Pro Points Plan, I’ve lost 10% of my body weight following the plan and was given a snazzy key ring. But the last few weeks I’ve been following the plan, and gaining weight. This has been driving me mental, and, to be truthful, making me really quite depressed about it all.  So for the 8th to 15th of August I stuck to the letter, I got my scales out for EVERYTHING, wrote everything that went past my lips down in the tracker, and I put on half a pound. I nearly cried in the meeting, and the leader looked at my weekly log & asked me if it was honest in my tracking. The general conclusion was that it was just an unexplained gain, and I shouldn’t worry, BUT “Go Back to Basics” and blah blah blah, so I came home & had a bit of a Twitter Breakdown.

Twitter provided some voices of reason, and the Unexplained Gain, was given a few possible reasons;

  • water retention
  • Training too much & eating too little
  • Plateau

I’m not sure what’s the right one, but they were better than the shoulder shrugging at Weight Watchers.

Well, 2 days later I’ve thrown my dummy out the pram & cancelled my Weight Watchers Pass, and downloaded MyFitnessPal.

So far I’ve found it quite easy, it’s a calorie tracker, with a database of well over a million food. Plus the iPhone app has a bar-code scanner, to help find your food, so far it hasn’t lead me wrong.

Then whilst tweeting about MyFitnessPal, a friend of mine reminded me that a while ago she sent an inviteto Fitocracy. It’s easier to explain it using their words;

Fitocracy is the game you play to improve your fitness. Play it to track your progress, compete against your friends, and get real results in your physical fitness.

To play, just enter your fitness activities on the Play page every day. As you enter your activities into Fitocracy, you’ll earn points. Over time, you’ll earn enough points to get to the next level. Leveling up means you’ve been keeping up with your fitness. But watch out, every so often leveling up unlocks a special challenge. Beating the challenges and leveling up means you’re making progress 🙂

That pretty much sounds like my cup of tea! If it sound like you’d like to join, let me know. It’s still in Beta right now & so it’s by invite, but I’m happy to send a few out.

I’m RunfortheQuiet on both Fitocracy & MyFitnessPal, if you want to find me & join the fun.

Meanwhile the #Aug30DS is still on going, and hurting, and although I’ve not got a 100% record (I’ve had a few days off due to a stinking cold) I think I’m going to make it to Level 3 before the end of the month.

I also went & found out my weight & body fat, on one of the scales in my local Boots. It’s a bit depressing, and only confirmed what I found out on a Body Fat Calculator on the internet. I’m 33.16% fat.

That’s a lot of cake & curry.