Foolishly I tried to do a long run & cook at the same time. The cooking was part prepared and there was a to do list and also strategicly planned text messages to my husband in order for a fully cooked family meal to be ready after I arrived home & prior to the kids bedtime.

About 1 hr 45 into the run, whilst eating a few jelly babies, my phone rang. There was an alleged emergency with the potatoes, and if I could come home and lend a hand  that would be great.

What could possibly go wrong with roasting potatoes? Esspecialyl ones that were already part boiled and only needed adding to the chicken that should be well into it’s roasting time. Well, that was the problem, the chicken wasn’t roasting as required. It was still raw.

cue my twitter tantrum, and no tea till 9pm.

Lessons have been learnt,  @LongjogRoz ‘s advice of slow cookers & lasagne / shepard’s pie type meals will be taken to heart next weekend!

I also listened to Marathon Talk for the 1st time on this run, and have joined their Magic Mile Challenge Which is basically run a mile faster than you ever have.  The only person you need to be is yourself. I’m game for that! My current PB is some place around 8 minutes, so there’s plenty of room for improvement