SO I ‘ve heard about Yasso 800s, and I’m intrigued by the whole idea of them.

Basically, if you’ve never heard of them like me, you run 800m, and then recover for the same time, and start again, aiming to get up to 10 repeats. But the cool thing is that the time it takes to run the 800m is an indicator of your marathon time.

I’m not really thinking thinking this magic training session is totally accurate, or a way out of all the long, long runs I have coming up in the next few weeks, but it seems something to push me on & as each “set” of a Yasso 800 is a mile.

I did a mile today, and I’m saying that it was my 1st Yasso set, and you can’t make me change my mind.

JUNEathon total: 4.35 miles (1:00:17)
Current Projected Marathon Time: 6:44:23

(Yasso time 5:27 but it killed me!)