#LushHairLab Liverpool


As a curly haired gal, I have a complicated relationship with my hair and hairdressers.

Add in a mother who made out my hair was as legendary as Samson’s, so should never be cut, divide it by a lifetime of working in food service with hats as part of the uniform, then multiply by kids and the ever present threat of headlice, and you get a woman who has eventually grown WAY past any flying fucks about the latest styles and ways to wear your hair.

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Twice in one week!


Look at this! This is me, in the gym again!

At the gym again!

I’m feeling quiet proud of this trip. It required planning and preparation, rather than scrabbling my things together because I feel guilty enough to make myself go.

I had a whole day of learning and an exam at the end, and I really didn’t feel like doing it. But I’d packed my kit into my bag at 8am and pretty much forced myself into the gym at 4pm. I won’t do anything to suggest that the session was intense, or that I actually did much work at the gym. But I was there, and I was sweaty at the end of it all, AND getting there twice in one week is more than I did in the whole of August!


I’ve been busy…


Seriously, I’ve been really busy.

Since April, I won a competition for funding to start my own business, ran a Mega Game and managed a successful Kickstarter campaign.

It’s not really left much time for anything else. I’ve basically been stuck to a phone or my laptop since then end of April.

Today was the first time I went to the gym in about 5 weeks.

Millie in the gym

It was good, I think I spent more time adding and taking weights off bars than I actually did lifting them, and I spent a rather boring 15 min on a cross trainer, but it was good. Shockingly I haven’t forgotten how to pick up slightly heavy things and then put them back down again.

So now I’m feeling all self-righteous, I’ve planned all meals for the rest of the week, ordered a food delivery and I’m planning on going to the gym Wednesday. I’ll be ready for the 2016 by the end of August.



Run or Dye!


I’m 100% committed to getting fit, I don’t enjoy feeling fat, or slow, or weak. I’m also very aware that before I’ve gone to great lengths to get fit. I’ve followed weird & wonderful diets, excluded foods, followed strange training plans, and most often, I’ve just ended up miserable.

So I’m not entering marathons, no matter how many times Liverpool send me the “look how flashy our Encore Medal is” email. I’m going to pay attention to Izzy, the Personal Trainer with qualifications, who is healthier & stronger than me, and I’m going to try to have fun.

That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? I think I’ve taken staying fit too seriously, and “fun” became all the things that I “shouldn’t do.” Like drink beer, eat pizza, sit still and not move a muscle.

BLAH BLAH BLAH! Why is there a big picture of people covered in paint ?

Run or Dye logo

You’ve probably heard of the Run or Dye events. You run, walk, jog, dance if the mood takes you, along a 5km route, and on the way round you get showered in powdered dye. When you get to the end, you have more powdered dye thrown at you & there’s a party!

It’s also not a timed event. There’s no start gun, no chip to tie on my trainer, just fun.

Tad 2

It’s exactly the not too serious, remembering it’s actually fun to move event I need. I’m planning on going to the Aintree event on 6th June, but there are events up & down the UK (plus one in France) all the way until October. You can check out the listings HERE!

The tickets are about £30 (depending on if you can still get an early bird ticket or if you join a team) but if you use the code KISDISCOUNT, you’ll get £3 off your race entry.

£3 off your Run or DYE entry with the discount code KISDISCOUNT

Also, while you’re at the website have a think about who you’d like to nominate for a bit of a Random Act of Colour… As part of their tour schools, organizations and people in need can be nominated via the Run or Dye website to request gifts for worthwhile causes.

They’re looking for people who need a little colour in their lives, schools or places needing a dash of pain, a community mural in a drab place, or just someone who deserve a bright bunch of flowers.

Fill out the form on http://runordye.co.uk/colour-nomination and Run or Dye could pick your nomination!

Let me know if you’ve been to a Run or Dye event, or who you nominate for their Colour Nominations!

Hello. I’ve gotten fat.

RFTQ Banner

It’s been a while, I’ve not been up to much. I’ve actually just sat on my arse and gotten fat.

Anyway, I’m in love with recording and producing my own podcasts.

I think I’ve made myself more upbeat & happy than I am in person. Let’s see how long that lasts.


Squat jumps and walking lunges.

A photo posted by Millie (@runforthequiet) on

There’s proof I went to a gym at least. I ventured into the weights room, all by myself, and after forcing myself to do a whole heap of squat jumps and walking lunges on this track bit, I picked up weights and put them down again. It was an achievement.

Here’s to getting back down to just overweight, and onwards to healthy BMI.

#Janathon Day 2 – Have I used this title before?


Yes, I probably have. I’ve been blogging for 5 years, #Jananthon is 5 years old. I’ve attempted to do every one of them. I’ve not managed to complete all of them. ( I might have to sneak through the archives and check, but I think I’ve only got all the way through one!)

I walked more today, from my home to the middle of Preston, just about 3km .Considering it’s possibly more movement than I’ve done in the past 30 days I’m adding it to the #Janathon column.

I have to say, a quiet walk this evening with just my headphones and some good music was what I needed. The Drama Llama has been out in force today and I think they come in herds.

Tomorrow I promise to actually run, put trainers on and go out around my local park, or possibly even parkrun.

#Janathon total; 5km



Let’s #Janathon


If you don’t know, I’m a host on Preston FM, it’s a community station in Preston & South Ribble, at the last listener survey we have about 27,000 listeners. Cool huh?

Cathy, Queen of #Janathon called me out of Facebook for not being signed up for this year, so I said I’d commit live on air & would she be free for a phone interview to tell us all about #Janathon! Cathy said yes, and here’s the 5 min interview from the show!


So what have I actually done for #Janathon, last year I walked to the shop with my son to buy a toy car. This year I reused the lame activity and went to my local supermarket for fresh veg.


If I hadn’t been drinking Berocca every day I’d possibly have died from malnutrition. No matter what I’d like to suggest, beer & cheese do not cover all the food groups, but has made up about 80% of the food I’ve consumed in the past week.

So you can imagine how dissapointed I was to see that there was actually NO FRESH veg at the store. I bought a tin of carrots and a tin of potatoes. Tomorrow, more walking, more veg.

Janathon total; 1.3km

Weight Loss Memory Lane.


I remember the first time I thought I was “Fat.” I was in New Look in Oxford while at Uni, and had to wear a size 20 pair of jeans. I bought a magazine that had “loose a stone a week” plan, (or something like that) tried it for a day, and cried in my room because it was so horrible. I think I’ve been paranoid about it all ever since.

I also remember the first time I fit into a size 10 pair of pants. I was so excited in the changing room I actually squeeked. The assistant asked me if I was ok. Of course I bloody was, size 10 was something magical and mythical, I’d only taken the pants into the changing room to see if I could get more than one leg in, and get it to go more than a couple of inches above my knee.

I also remember, when I was almost at my “goal” weight, thinking “I feel no different” and “I’m just the same, but I need a belt.” I’m not sure what I was expecting exactly, but I think planets were suppose to align and SJP should have called me up to guest on Sex in The City, or something. Something was supposed to happen, I was sure of it. Instead I just had to carry on with my job and real life,and all that mundane stuff that never happened on TV.

historic weightloss

I started this graph with Beeminder on 8th November 2010, and I was 15st 3.5lbs, it was not long after my son was born, and I didn’t like how much weight I’d put on, and still hadn’t lost the weight I’d put on from my first pregnancy. The lowest weight I’ve ever gotten down to is 12st 8.4lbs, in April 2012, I ran my best ever 5k at 33min was probably the fittest I’ve been for a long time. Yesterday 13st 7lbs at a Weight Watchers class. (That’s BMIs of 34.5, aka Obese, 28.5 aka Overweight, and currently 30.4, back in at Obese.)

It’s got three memberships to Weight Watchers, at least 2 gym memberships, a Slim Fast attempt, some weird restrictive diets, a couple of months of obsessively tracking what I ate in several different ways to compare them for “reasons” (or possibly “For Science” I don’t know), a few months of “I will simply eat healthy!” and at least four tantrums where I’ve just ate all the things I could get into my face. (They might also have be about the same time as Christmas.)

It’s also got three marathons, a wedding, a few 10k races, two gym memberships, and lots more in there. Sometimes I forget that.

I needed to take a walk down the weight loss road of my memory lane.

It’s been on my mind since I’ve been back at Weight Watchers. I’ve lost 5lbs in 11 weeks. I’ve been getting twisted up in my head, because of others who’ve lost that (and more) in just one week. I’ve been getting all kinds of teenager sulking (in my head) about how much other people have lost, instead of just paying attention to what I’m eating.

I’m reminding myself that there’s more to this weight loss thing than just the numbers. The numbers on the scale, the numbers in the food journal and the numbers in my clothes.

I’m reminding myself that there’s nothing magical about reaching the goal weight, and that I’m not going to get S.H.I.E.L.D Level 7 clearance if I loose another stone, and there’s actually no real schedule for this either, so I should just stop stressing.

Contemplating The Unthinkable


I know, what a dramatic title, especially for a post that’s essentially going to be about me planning to get up early.

I used to work food retail, it mostly involved getting up at stupid times like 5am to walk to work, and bake bread or pastries. Ok, so there was a little more to it than that, like talking to people, inventories, and counting cash. But there was an awful lot of early mornings.

I did them, I got up and went to work. These days, I struggle, I hate getting up at 7:30am. It’s a giant struggle to resist rolling over and ignoring the world. Fortunately my kids don’t let me, and we manage to get to school on time. Mostly.

It makes me quake in my boots, the thought that I might have to start getting up EARLY. But there’s just so much I want to get done, and it seems like I’m going to have to start getting up early to do it.

Allegedly there are many benefits to getting up early, and it’s not just because there’s more time to drink coffee.

I’ve read a tonne of tips on how to turn myself into a “morning person” and how to make it easier to get up early, I’m not sure I can do it.

Anyone have any tips for getting up early?!



It seems this week I have just been really lazy. So lazy I can’t even be bothered to write a whole title. Weight Watchers Week 6 – I Can’t Be Arsed. (That was too exhausting, I need a nap & a bit of cake to get my energy back.)

But in all honesty, that fancy new book I was covering in stickers last week, I’ve basically ignored it all week. Yeah, where did all the enthusiasm go? If you find it can you send it back to me, or even just a little bit?

But there is some good news, I did actually manage to loose some weight this week. Again, I’ve not the foggiest, I’ve eaten like a kid, and there certainly wouldn’t have been gold star stickers for leaving the kids tea alone. Here’s the downside, I’ll now spend a good few days beating myself up about how I could have done better, and playing the “what if” game. Which is just plain daft, but I can’t really stop myself doing it, and I pretty much guarantee I’ll keep myself awake at least one night next week plotting how I should have done better this week, and what I should have done in each hour of the day.

What I should be doing is thinking how good I’ve done, that even though I’ve basically failed to follow Weight Watchers (again) I’ve somehow managed to loose some weight. That’s a good thing. Not something I should keep myself awake at night with.

Ah well, I’ve told you about it now, so instead I can keep myself away worrying if I’ve over shared instead.

Weight loss so far is 2.3% and that’s good.